A Promise Made Under Sunlight

Original Airdate

April 25, 2001

Episode Number



The Way of Becoming Prétear


Smile of Darkness

Kei has been working on a program to predict where the Demons will strike, and it seems that the next probably location is Himeno's home.


After an encounter with Mayuni, much to her surprise, Himeno learns that her father, Kaoru, has hired Hayate to help him around the mansion.

Elsewhere, Kei has developed a computer program that is capable of predicting the next location the Demon Larvae will emerge at. The first test of the program reveals that a demon larvae will be sprouting up at the Awayuki Estate, prompting the three youngest Leafé Knights, Mannen, Hajime and Shin to rush over and tell Himeno. Reacting to this news, Himeno, with some reservation, agrees to help the three adolescent knights in searching for this possible aggressor.

Searching the grounds of the mansion proves inadvisable, thanks to all of the traps set by Mr. Tanaka, so the search switches to the manor's interior, where a vengeful Mayuni eagerly awaits Himeno's arrival. Mayuni's plans for revenge are foiled, then forgotten about completely upon laying eyes on Go, who's promptly dragged back to her room as the next man on her list to be her personal servant.

Himeno and the boys continue their search with Mr. Tanaka in the jungles of the manor grounds, only to get separated when the knights get carried off by a gorilla. Himeno searches feverishly for the wayward boys, but after several encounters with the estates other exotic animal residents, and Mr. Tanaka getting carried off by a vulture, the boys end up finding her on their own.

Exhausted from the search, everyone heads back to Himeno's room, where the demon larvae just so happens to be waiting for them. Himeno tries to protect the boys from harm before she agrees to prét with Hajime and destroy the larvae.



  • Himeno préts with Hajime in this episode for the first time, becoming the Prétear of Water.