Can't Protect Anyone Anymore

Original Airdate

May 16, 2001

Episode Number



Secret of Rouge


Moment of Awakening

Himeno Awayuki learns the truth behind the Princess of Disaster.


Hayate and Sasame take Himeno to the church where the previous Prétear had given in to the darkness within her heart and became the Princess of Disaster, Fenrir. Himeno is apprehensive about learning the truth of her predecessor's conversion to evil. Hayate tells Himeno of Takako, and of her incredible potential as a Prétear. But Takako was struggling against her own inner demons. Takako overcame her fears with Hayate's help and encouragement, and she gradually fell in love with him.

However, Hayate did not reciprocate her feelings. Takako couldn't stand that fact and surrendered to the darkness within her own heart, and thus, the Princess of Disaster was born. Kei allows the other knights to hear Takako's sad story, and the three young Knights are enraged that Hayate is making Himeno fight the monster he had created by hurting Takako's feelings. Kei further elaborates that without Himeno as the Prétear, the Leafé Knights have no chance of defeating the Princess of Disaster.

With the Knights at each other's throats, Himeno stands up and restores order to the team. Kei and the others are baffled that Himeno is the one to be the voice of reason, but are also impressed. Himeno then sets Hayate at ease and thanks him for his story, and tells him that she now feels like they're comrades in arms. Hayate is obviously touched, and makes a quick exit. Himeno then takes everyone out for ice cream.