Manga: Chapter 1, Anime: The Wind of Fate (episode)

Voice Actors

Japanese: Kousuke Toriumi, English: Illich Guardiola


Date of birth: April 29


Going long distances on a bike or motorcycles.




Knight of Wind

Hayate is the Leafé Knight of Wind.


Hayate is initially hostile towards Himeno Awayuki, refusing to acknowledge her as the new Prétear due to a past experience. With time, he gradually begins to accept her as the Prétear.


16 years ago, the last Prétear before Himeno, Takako, fell in love with Hayate, but he was unable to reciprocate her feelings, causing her to turn her powers towards evil. She quickly became the Princess of Disaster. The knights almost died trying to stop the Princess of Disaster. The Leafé Knights of Ice, Water and Nature died, in order to stop her. In the end, Mannen, Hajime, and Shin had to be reborn.

Hayate initially refuses to acknowledge Himeno as the new Prétear. After testing Himeno through various means, Hayate gradually begins to accept her as the Prétear and ironically falls in love with her. In an attempt to watch-over and protect Himeno, Hayate takes a part time job with her father working on the mansion grounds.


  • Hayate's star sign is Taurus.
  • Hayate works at a delivery service, in anime later as Kaoru Awayuki's assistant. (Hayate usually works with bicycles).
  • Hayate's favorite drink is coffee (with a little milk added).
  • Hayate's weapon when fused with Prétear is the Wind Sword.
  • Hayate's blood type is A.
  • Hayate eventually develops romantic feelings for Himeno Awayuki.