White Pretear

The Prétear is a being capable of creating and manipulating Leafé, the source of all life. When she takes the hand of one of her seven knights, they enter her consciousness and allow her to use their elemental powers and magical weapons.


One of the abilities of the Prétear is to 'pret', or merge with one of the seven knights. To do this, she chooses a knight and takes hold of their hand. That knight is then temporarily absorbed into her consciousness. (He can still think and act independently of her, speak to her directly, and is fully aware of everything that goes on).

The Prétear will then be able to use either the power of Wind, Sound, Light, Fire, Ice, Water, or Plants, depending on which of the seven knights was selected. Also, depending on the elemental powers the Pretear inherits from a pret, she will wear a different costume.

While the pret is active, whichever knight is part of it will act as a shield. If the Prétear is attacked, that knight takes the full force of the blow for her. When the pret is broken, the knight and the Prétear will separate once again.


Aside from the obvious limitation of her seemingly finite Leafé supply (it isn't clear if the Prétear is capable of regenerating herself by simply creating new Leafé, as the only times she actually created Leafé she was willfully giving it away to other entities), overly negative emotions seem to have an effect on the Prétear's ability to use her powers. In the case of the former Prétear Takako, her powers were permanently affected by her transformation even when she returned to normal. She could supposedly still manipulate Leafé but not create it. Himeno Awayuki even lost her ability to pret temporarily, presumably due to her strong emotions at the time. When she regained her resolve, she was able to pret again.

When Himeno learned that there was a possibility that she could become the princess of disaster, she was terrified of hurting her friends and family. However, the Leafé knights noted that while the possibility was there, it could be prevented by staying positive and not letting her emotions win.

List of TransformationsEdit


  • There are seven distinct transformations which Himeno can obtain them through preting.
  • The term "Prétear" (プリーティア) comes from three words:
  • プリティー means Pretty;
  • プリーステス means Priestess;
  • ディア means Dear.
Himeno wind
Light pretear
Himeno sound

Fire pretear

Ice pretear

Water pretear

Plant pretear
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