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Prétear is a story of a girl named Himeno who is chosen to be the princess of the light by The Leafé Knights to save the world, by the evil Princess of Disaster. While encountering on this mission, she found friends and love.

Differences in manga and anime adaptationEdit

The anime adaptation retains the overall story of the series, but changes many of the details. The beginning of the story and how Himeno Awayuki meets the Leafé Knights, and is changed to have Himeno jump from a bush and land on Hayate.

The personalities and appearances of the Leafé Knights are changed, with the older knights given more mature appearances. Sasame is changed from a joyful flirt to a quieter and more serious man.

Some of the circumstances in the Awayuki household are also changed. In the anime, Natsue Awayuki's husband died rather than their being divorced. The servants of the house are kind to Himeno instead of picking on her. Mawata Awayuki is less interactive with her family, while Mayuni Awayuki only plays pranks on Himeno, rather than attempting to ostracize her at school or cause trouble with Natsue. Natsue is also changed to being distant, but relatively friendly to Himeno, with her jealousy of the girl removed completely.

The anime also has the family unaware of Himeno's association with the Leafé Knights until near the end of the series.


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