Manga: Chapter 1, Anime: The Wind of Fate (episode)

Voice Actors

Japanese: Tamaki Nakanishi, English: Sasha Paysinger


Date of birth: April 8


Gardening, playing with Tipi


5 years old


Knight of Plants

Shin is the youngest member of The Leafé Knights and the Knight of Wood/Plants.


Shin can use his abilities to heal plants, and is very sensitive to anyone hurting them, crying when the knights discuss killing a tree that has been infected by a Demon Larvae. Like the other two younger Knights, Shin died sixteen years ago while fighting the Princess of Disaster and was reborn. In the manga, when he préts with Himeno Awayuki he dies as the Prétear must draw energy from the knight to fight, but is later revived.

In the anime, the use of a knight's Leafé is removed, and Shin is the only knight never shown preting with her. He is also given the additional abilities to seal demon larvae and to create a barrier around a battle to keep the environment from being harmed by battles with the larvae.

Plant pretear

Himeno shown as the Prétear of Plants.


Shin not in his knight from.


  • Shin's star sign is Libra.
  • Shin's favorite drink is Royal Tea, with sweet milk.
  • Shin's birthday is October 16.
  • Blood Type: A
  • Shin never préts with Himeno in the anime series. He holds the distinction of being the only Knight not to do so.