The Way of Becoming Prétear

Original Airdate

April 18, 2001

Episode Number



Let Me Hear Your Heart Flutter (episode)


A Promise Made Under Sunlight

The training continues.


A seemingly apathetic Hayate decides to test Himeno's worthiness of being the Prétear through a series of challenges that he has prepared. Coordination with a kendama, instantly counting all the red Tipi that come bursting from a jar, or resisting the temptation of eating a table of delicious foods, she fails them all. Hayate isn't amused and storms off, griping. Unfortunately for Hayate, his departure is cut short by bumping into Himeno's stepsister, Mayuni, who drags him off by the hair to the Awayuki Estate, with the intent of making him her personal servant.

The following day, after a confidence-building talk with Sasame, Himeno heads off to practice her fighting skills as the Prétear with the other Leafé Knights. Showing growing skill in her practice, Hayate observes Himeno's training session with a hint of approval from the shadows. Noticing Hayate's presence, Himeno rushes over to him seeking words of praise for her efforts, only to find herself being berated by the stoic knight for acting so confident with her inexperience. This sets Himeno off, thinking that he's being mean because he hates her no matter what she does, and she tells him that she doesn't want anything to do with him anymore. Hayate simply accepts this, and walks off.

Elsewhere in the park, a Bicycle Demon has conveniently spawned near Kaoru and Natsue while the pair is having a picnic, forcing Himeno and the Knights to rush into battle to save her parents.



  • Himeno préts with Go in this episode for the first time, becoming the Prétear of Fire.