Unreaching Melody

Original Airdate

May 30, 2001

Episode Number



Moment of Awakening


The Furthest Ends of One's Emotions

Himeno continues to search for inner strength within herself.


Himeno comes down to breakfast the following morning back to her old animated self again. Mayuni is quick to pull a practical joke on her, sending her to sink through the fake-bottom of her chair. While Himeno is about to get angry, she realizes Mawata is missing. The others tell her Mawata has been feeling ill, and she hasn't come out of her room since that day she spent with Himeno. Himeno is concerned, but soon she's distracted when she spots what appears to be a demon insect scurrying across the ceiling, disrupting everyone's breakfast. Kaoru thinks it was a ghost, but Himeno thinks otherwise.

Himeno's family decides to set out ghost hunting in the mansion. Meanwhile Himeno, along with Hayate gathers knights to join in their investigation, sending Mannen, Hajime, and Shin to guard Himeno's family. Sasame, too, has recovered enough to join in the investigation and heads off with Himeno and Hayate, while Kei and Go look elsewhere.

Mannen and the other boys manage to destroy one of the Princess of Disaster's Transport Demons before it gets a chance to attack Mr. Tanaka. Mannen then plays a prank on the family to further discourage them from ghost hunting by having Shin summon some plants to frighten them, sending them fleeing in terror.

Mawata, meanwhile, is at her emotional breaking point and asks Mikage to stay and comfort her. Sasame, too, is feeling a bit on edge and at one point even snaps at Himeno and Hayate. He then wonders off by himself and ponders Takako's fate. Searching the mansion, Himeno ditches Hayate and takes off with Mannen and the boys. Sasame, on the other hand, comes across Mikage and realizes she's not the simple housemaid she appears to be.



  • When Sasame meets Mikage, he instantly recognizes her as Takako.